In October 2019, we featured an article in our blog by Carpino et al., and specifically the letter to the editor by Alberto Esquenazi, which addressed some major concerns about this study. We announced that the answer by Carpino et al. to this letter is expected to be published soon, and now, it is available online.

In large parts, Carpino et al. acknowledge that Alberto Esquenazi’s concerns about their work are adequate and well founded. They attribute the difference between their calculations and the numbers presented by Alberto Esquenazi to the timing of their study in 2015 and their reported difficulty getting their paper published earlier, along with the rapidly changing prices in the medical device market. They acknowledge that their recommendation to purchase end-effector, rather than exoskeleton devices does not stand anymore. Carpino et al. also admit that exoskeletons, like the Lokomat, have integrated hardware and software that assure patient safety. Furthermore they acknowledge that their statement about safety concerns was partially based on upper limb exoskeletons.

We cordially invite you to read the original article, the letter to the editor and the authors’ response and to let us know your opinion. We welcome your feedback!