Recently, neurorehabilitation specialists from all over Europe, and actually from all over the world met in Budapest for the European Congress of NeuroRehabilitation. The interesting fact from our point of view was the very prominent role technology for neurorehabilitation played in this congress. The scientific program included workshops, keynote lectures, panel discussions, submitted paper sessions, ask-the-expert sessions and  many more. Many of these were specifically focusing on technology, but it was also omnipresent in other sessions. While there were many discussions about the use and effect of technology, experts agreed that technology can be successfully integrated into daily clinical life to increase therapy intensity, and hence to improve patients’ outcomes. It was further agreed that the correct use of the devices, and therefore continued education are crucial! It was also discussed that currently available evidence might not be able to show the full advantages of the technology and that current studies should choose designs and outcome measures very wisely.

The abstracts of submitted contributions for this conference can be found here.