The title is a quote from Luis, a 13 years old patient with bilateral spastic cerebral palsy (GMFCS Level 3) treated at the Kinderklinik Schömberg in Germany.

We graciously thank Kinderklinik Schömberg for informing us on their experience and use of the Andago in their hospital. Kinderklinik Schömberg has had an Andago since 2018 and they opened their doors to us in February 2020 showing us in person how they use Andago and how they treat the wonderful children there.

At the Kinderklinik Schömberg they treat children of all ages, from infancy to adulthood with neurological injuries, including but not limited to cerebral palsy (all severities: GMFCS levels 1-5), patients with craniocerebral trauma as well as movement disorders such as dystonia, ataxia, spastic and flaccid paresia.

Key factors that the group find beneficial about the use of Andago is its body weight support as children gradually (re-) learn to accept body weight during gait, the safety aspect of the Andago supporting the children and this especially combined with the resulting hands-free therapy that the therapists themselves experience to take a step back and observe the patient gait to provide informed feedback to further improve the gait and balance performance of the patients.

Please feel free to read the entire clinical report from Jan Schäfer, Physiotherapist at Kinderklinik Schömberg, about the usage of the Andago with children HERE.