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How to Record Training Data with the LokomatPro, Software Version 6.5

Many therapists want numerical data from training sessions for research or clinical applications. The Lokomat offers a recording function that records biomechanical and technical signals in every session to monitor your patients’ progress.

With software version 6.5 the data are no longer automatically recorded; to record follow the procedure below:

  1. Select the icon System Settings on the bottom of the main menu of the software.
  2. Select SYSTEM SETTINGS in the Lokomat options.
  3. Select CONFIGURATION on the bottom of the page.
  4. Check the box “Record all signals for each session”.
  5. The system will ask you to restart the software (Lokocontrol). Press “OK” to restart.

The data recorded during training are saved by default in D:\Hocoma\Recorder as text files called “Recording_YYMMDD_HHMMSS.txt”. The second half of the file name is a timestamp with two digits for Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minute and Second.

There are many applications that will open the recording .txt file but many therapists use Microsoft Excel for this purpose. Below is a brief instruction on how to open your recorded data in Excel:

  1. Open a Blank workbook in Excel
  2. Select Data > From Text/CSV
  3. Find and select desired Recording .txt file
  4. Click “Import”
  5. Select in a preview the delimiter Semicolon
  6. Press “Load”.

Now the data are ready to be viewed and analyzed.


Download the Overview of the Recorded Signals in Lokocontrol V6.5 here

Which Type of Information Regarding Patient Performance can I Visualize on the Armeo?

Would you like to quantify, monitor and visualize information regarding your patient’s performance and activity during Armeo therapy? With the Armeo 2.x software, there are multiple levels of information you can retrieve, from basic results displayed on the screen, to more complex research features. Please consider that some features are intended exclusively for research purposes.

User Feature Content
All users On-screen scoring Info displayed on the screen during and after exercises includes:

  • Exercise time
  • Score
  • Top score
  • Feedback on activity level (i.e. sparkling etc.)
All users Patient Reports

PDF format



See User Manual Chapter 4, Section 4: Reporting.

The Patient Report is a therapy record which includes the following:

  • Therapy summary: here you have a summary of all patient sessions in terms of duration and therapy goals.
  • Assessment results:
    • ArmeoSpring –> AROM (range of motion in 1D), AMOVE (range of motion in 3D) and AGOAL (gross coordination)
    • ArmeoPower –> AROM (range of motion in 1D), AMOVE (range of motion in 3D) AGOAL (gross coordination), and AFORCE (torque)
  • Exercise results: for each selected patient session you will see the scoring of the exercise and the time the patient played.
  • Session results: here you will see for each selected patient session the Arm weight support (forearm and upper arm) and the reach results.
All users Patient Reports in a Spreadsheet (XLS or CSV ) format* Enables to export patient reports in the XLS/CSV format, which can be imported to Microsoft Excel or similar software such as Matlab for further data analysis and visualization. The reports will contain all information from the PDF patient reports, and can be exported by clicking on a specific icon (see User Manual Chapter 4, section 4, and page 66).


Clinical Researcher
(all devices)
Research Output**



The research output enables you to capture patient movements in terms of hand trajectories and joint angles as well as events that are triggered in exercises or assessments. Thus, these log files enable you to recover the full interaction of a patient and an exercise or assessment. Contact for more detailed information.


Advanced Options for Scientific Researchers

Please contact us at for additional advanced interface options that are available for research teams with their own software development capabilities.

*Available for Armeocontrol 2.2 onwards. Please contact your Hocoma Sales representative to schedule an upgrade.

**Please note these features are research features, which are not part of standard Armeo delivery and are provided without any guarantee and further support.