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What is Armeo Extra Time therapy? What Should I Consider to Implement it?

Would you like to increase therapy intensity, especially over the weekend and during after work hours, even when the therapists are not available?

Did you know that with the Armeocontrol 2.2 software release, among other features, you will be able to offer a limited supervision ArmeoSpring therapy to your patients? This way, the patients are empowered to train also outside of their scheduled therapy!

Over the weekend and during after-work hours the patients may have the possibility to train under supervision of a trained therapy assistant, using patient-specific therapy plans previously created by the therapist! This will increase intensity and frequency of patient activity and decrease the idle time, without increasing therapist workload

The Armeo software has been adapted so that the patients will be able to login with a patient-specific password, will be easily guided through a step-by-step setup, and will automatically start their therapy plan. An intuitive navigation within the therapy plan allows the patients themselves to use the Armeo device to easily pause, skip an exercise or end the session.  The results of the session will then be integrated into the patient report, similar to normal therapy sessions.

Read the recommendations below regarding some aspects to consider when setting up the Armeo Extra Time concept in your clinic.

  • The Armeo Extra Time therapy must be supervised for safety reasons, however this can be done within a group setting. Therefore, we suggest to position the ArmeoSpring in an environment where a supervision of patient activity is already in place. As an example this could be within a “therapy gym” (medical training therapy) environment supervised by a lay ”supervisor” who does not need to be a therapist. The ArmeoSpring can be positioned among other fitness, endurance and strength training machines.
  • It is important that the supervisor be specifically trained on the basic use of the ArmeoSpring as for example the change of sides of the device, correct patient setup and some troubleshooting. Specific indications on what to train the supervisor on are provided in the User Manual Chapter 4, section 3.6. In order to facilitate this, some Quick Reference Guides have been created specifically for the supervisor (User Manual Appendix A) and can be stuck to the wall/desk.
  • Each patient who will train with the Armeo Extra Time will have a login password which will allow him/her to log into their own personalized therapy plan. A default password is created for the patient, but can be changed by the therapist (User Manual Chapter 4, page 45). Please also consider writing the patient password in a safe place where the patient will not lose it (e.g. on the patient schedule).
  • To ensure a smooth process and organization, we suggest establishing a sign up system where patients can choose a time slot and indicate their impaired arm. This enables the supervisor to prepare the correct setting for patient therapy (e.g. left-right arm change) and prevents conflicts between many patients who may be eager to exercise on the Armeo at the same time. One way to implement the signup system is a white-board, managed by the therapists but placed in a visible place (e.g. hallway) next to the therapy gym.
  • The Armeo Extra Time therapy can also be conducted in the presence of a caregiver (relative of the patient, friend etc.). This can serve as motivational factor for the patient and provides a means to facilitate the patient setup without needing hospital personnel.

Refer to the User Manual for more info, including step by step Quick Reference Guides for the lay supervisor.